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About Us

We founded COZIPLUS  with one simple goal: to provide you with the highest quality heated throw on the market at an amazing price.  

Amongst our team we have many years experience in international manufacturing, sourcing and this gives us a unique advantage over our competitors. Quality is a beyond a goal - it is a passion inside all of us so we can develop customer relationships of  trust and confidence. In parallelwe strive to develop and maintain longstanding relationships with our suppliers, to give you the quality you deserve! 

We love and care deeply about our business. Every happy  COZIPLUS  customer makes us happy too! The warranty we offer gives you the security that you can buy from us with confidence. Please tell your friends and family about your experience, and be excited about shopping with us again ! 

Feedback is important and we take every review very seriously so we can improve and learn more about what you would like in this every developing market - feel free to contact us! 

 We look forward to seeing you again at  COZIPLUS !