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How does an Electric Heated Throw/Blanket improve your life with amazing benefits?

January 21, 2023 3 min read 0 Comments

Star heated throw on sofa.


More and more people are using electric blankets to reduce their energy costs as the rising cost of heating makes headlines every winter. How come, though? Many people may not be aware of the numerous advantages of electric blankets, so keep reading to find out how you can stay warm this winter for less money!

Electric Blankets are Cheaper Than Central Heating

CoziPlus Electric heated throws can be a chic and cosy addition to your house. The expense of keeping warm with a new electric blanket is a tenth of what it would be with central heating. If you buy a Cozi Plus heated throw large enough to cover two or more people or a fitted underblanket that fits onto your mattress, you can heat yourself and your family without spending a fortune on electric blankets because they only need to consume enough energy to keep you warm rather than your entire room.

Electric blanket design and engineering have been updated, and as a result, they are now more effective than before. Wherever you need it most, CoziPlus heated throws over blankets deliver warmth for a fraction of the expense of your typical central heating bill. They merely require the correct amount of energy to warm you and your bed, not your entire room, due to their nature and the location where they are used.


Natural Pain Relief

Heat is one of the simplest ways to relieve pain since heat receptors in our bodies actually prevent the brain from receiving chemical signals that signify pain. This can help with a variety of problems, including stiffness, cramping, tightness, and hurting muscles.

Heat also aids in boosting circulation, which can aid in your body's ability to recuperate from exercises or injuries. The benefits of a Cozi Plus heated blanket's pain alleviation will not only help you sleep better at night, but will also make you feel better during the day.

Your entire body is kept wonderfully warm by electric blankets, resulting in a feeling of relaxation and contentment as well as preventing morning stiffness (if used overnight). A CoziPlus electric over blanket can help you stop nighttime pain from becoming more severe if you have a chronic, painful ailment like sciatica or arthritis. It can also help you get back to sleeping soundly.

Electric Blankets Help You Sleep Better

You may be aware that there are various stages of sleep—five, to be exact—and that our bodies move through these stages naturally throughout the course of the night. You might not awaken if a quick temperature shift wakes you up from a deep slumber, which means you won't feel rested when you wake up in the morning. With the cosy, even temperature provided by electric blankets, your body can sleep more easily and naturally as it should. When you start sleeping with an electric blanket, you might find that you wake up with more energy and are more productive.

CoziPlus Electric Heated Throws Boost Your Mood

Your body expends a lot of energy just to stay warm. If a lot of your body's energy resources are required to maintain a constant body temperature, this might make you feel agitated and anxious.

However, by using Cozi Plus electric blanket, you can lessen the amount of energy your body must use to keep you warm. This, in turn, sends messages to your brain telling it that you are pleased and content, which makes you feel more at ease and happier.

Therefore, hot steaming cups of hot chocolate and hot baths are treatments to improve your mood on those cold wintry nights, coupled with electric blankets.


 Coziplus heated throw on sofa


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