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Alpicool T36/50/60 Compressor Car Fridge Freezer


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Alpicool T36/50/60 36-50-50L Compressor Car Fridge Freezers

Features 36/50/60 liters of cooling capacity.

Perfect for long trips in the great outdoors. Its high-quality compressor and efficient cooling technology with single or dual temperature zone for each compartment -4°F(-20°C) to 50°F(10°C) make it a reliable choice for those looking for considerable storage capacity and long-term performance.

Introducing Alpicool T Series  - The Ultimate Cooling Solution for Every Adventure

Experience unbeatable cooling performance with the Alpicool T Series. Designed to keep your beverages and food ice-cold for extended periods. These compressor fridge freezers are a must-have for outdoor enthusiasts, campers, and adventurers. With its rugged construction, superior insulation, and convenient features, the Alpicool T Series are the perfect companion for all your outdoor activities.

Key Features:

  1. Fast Cooling Technology: The T series car fridge freezers incorporate advanced refrigeration technology, ensuring superior and stable cooling performance. With this cutting-edge technology, the coolers can reach 0°C in just 15 minutes, (after second use) providing rapid and efficient cooling for your perishable items. Even after disconnecting from a power source, the foaming agent and insulating materials maintain a frozen environment for several hours.

  2. Dual Temperature Control: The Alpicool T Series feature a detachable sensor divider that allows you to switch between a single temperature zone and two separate temperature zones (fridge/freezer) within one refrigerator. This convenient feature enables you to store a variety of food and items at their ideal temperatures, ensuring optimal freshness and versatility.

  3. Easy to Move: Designed for convenience, equipped with durable wheels and a magnetic foldable handle. This innovative design allows you to easily transport your cooler, even on bumpy roads or challenging terrains. Take it with you wherever you go and keep your supplies cool and accessible at all times.

  4. Large Capacity with Partitioned Storage: With a spacious 36,50,60-liter capacity, Alpicool T Series provides ample storage space for all your refrigeration needs. Whether you need a fridge or a freezer, this versatile cooler can accommodate a wide range of food and items. The freezer room is equipped with a grid of storage baskets, allowing you to organize your supplies efficiently and retrieve items without any mess or stickiness.

Don't let spoiled food or warm drinks ruin your adventures! Invest in the Alpicool Portable Fridge Freezer today and enjoy the convenience of having chilled refreshments and fresh food wherever you go. With its compact size, versatile temperature control, and durable construction, this portable fridge freezer is the perfect addition to your outdoor gear collection.